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We Have A Better Relationship!

Denise trained my dog last year, and I had a great experience. She is knowledgeable, patient, consistent, and caring. She knew exactly how to handle my stubborn dog. I highly recommend her to anyone! My dog and I have a better relationship as a result because I am no longer exasperated with my dog anymore; I enjoy my dog now.
Christine F.  // Verified Google Review

Absolutely the best dog trainers!

Absolutely the best dog trainers hands down. STOP searching – this is the place to get your dog trained. They offer private one-on-one lessons, the trainers are top notch and care about your needs – and most importantly the dog’s. I couldn’t be happier with the results!
Gabe G.  // Google Local Guide

Life Changing Experience!

I rarely leave reviews, unless the service I received is a life changing experience! I’ve only had one training session so far for the dog aggression package. My dog is very sweet and loyal to those she trust, but she is very wary of strangers and extremely stubborn. The trainer was able to gain her trust quickly and have her successfully accomplish her goal by the end of the session. I really look forward to the rest of her training!
Rachel L.   // Verified Google Review

Training Staff Was Excellent!

Best money that we have spent on our furry friend. The training staff was excellent and professional. If the methods of training are good enough for our military, it good enough for us. Well Done!
Don B.  // Verified Google Review

Worth Every Penny

It’s been almost a year since I had put both of my dogs through the Off Leash K9 Training and I can honestly say that the training was worth every penny. You do have to be consistent, and keep up with the training, but it has given my dogs so much confidence and it shows how happier they are than they were before the training. Even after all this time, I can still contact my trainer with a question, and she provides guidance. They are true professionals that care greatly for the well-being of the dogs that they train.
J. Moore  // Verified Google Review

All I can say is "WOW"!!

I took my English Cream Golden Retriever there. All I can say is wow. The training is first rate and the trainers really seem to love what they do. It’s a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.
Mike P.   // Verified Google Review

Well Worth It

“Miranda was great. We brought in our lab mix who had no training whatsoever. After our classes Hank can sit, place, and walk without a leash. He started class a wild animal and left a domesticated house pet. The price is well worth it. You get an hour of one on one training. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Rachel N.  // Verified Signpost Review

Essential & Effective Training

I completed my 2nd class and I’m scheduled for my 3rd this weekend, so far it’s been a great experience with the trainers and the education of the e-collar. I have received essential and effective training tools for myself as well as my puppy all which have been awesome. I have learned a great deal on how to effectively and accurately train and handle my puppy with the collar and she has responded quickly and easily and most importantly continues to be a happy pup! I look forward to the remaining classes and the lifelong effects of the training!
Tracy W.   // Verified Google Review

The Best Decision We Made!

The best decision that we could have made with training our dog. It’s well worth it!! The dog is better in every aspect because of the training. We enjoy our girl so much more!! Don’t wait, do it!!
Jamie W.  // Verified Elite Yelp Reviewer

Life Today Is So Sweet!

We knew going into working with Josh that our sweet pup Marker would emerge a well behaved family pet. But throughout the entire process, Josh included us in every step of the way. Pictures of Marker’s progress, videos of him. We felt like even though we did the board and train program and missed having Marker at home for two weeks, we were still there. We loved being part of the Off Leash family and life with Marker today is so so sweet! THANK YOU!
Stephanie H.   // Verified Signpost Review

OLK9 Was Our Last Resort

We thought our dog was incorrigible and would never be trainable or disciplined. He was kicked out of 3 dog obedience classes. In addition to the fact the obedience classes were expensive, they were very disappointing. Even the dog obedience trainers could not get him to follow commands. Off Leash K9 Training was our last resort. If they couldn’t help us and our dog, then we had no options. However, we were unsure about the Off Leash K9 Training because of the electric collar, but, as it turned out, it was the only way to get our dog’s attention. Once we completed the training, we never had to use the collar again. Our dog followed commands almost immediately and we all got along much better.
William B.  // Verified Yelp Review

Tremendously Helpful!

Our pup Noodle developed leash aggression at age ~1.5 despite us going to public places and introducing outside dogs throughout her puppy hood. We tried on our own to help, but fell short. Working with Off Leash K9 has been so tremendously helpful. She behaves much better in public and we are able to go for peaceful walks now. I am so grateful to be able to walk our pups with confidence. Thank you to Off Leash and our wonderful trainer Emily!
Emily M.   // Verified Yelp Review

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